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Google Analytics Analysis Part 3: See from Where Your Most Useful Traffic is Coming

Your small business online presence takes a bit of experimentation. You never know quite where the most valuable customers will come from, what campaigns will spike the best, and even which landing page designs direct the most sales. But using Google Analytics effectively takes out much of the guesswork by monitoring your click rates.  This data can show you where traffic comes from and where it goes once it reaches you.

google analytics analysis 3 

Two important filters (or categories) to analyze:

  1. Create advanced segments to track data from different sources. Whether you want to track visitors that come from YouTube, or a specific video, from a Google search, or from a partner blog you wrote a post for, you can organize visitor data by “source.”  Go to the Advanced Segments category, select “New Custom Segment,” and input URL snippets from which you want Google Analytics to pull. This is fantastic not only for tracking changes in visitor rates over time, but also for deciding which areas you should focus on for the best use of your time.
  1. Measurement engagement by monitoring user flows. Getting people onto your site is only the beginning. Once they have reached your website, it's important to know if your visitors are leaving immediately, browsing before buying/taking action, or buying/taking action within just a couple clicks. Under a user flow, you can set a number of steps, or clicks to certain areas, that visitors complete. Once you have that user flow programmed, you can see how many of your visitors are converting customers, browsers of your content, or people who left immediately. You can even filter it through your Custom Segments to see which sources bring you the most successful customers.

The aforementioned data can better help you understand your visitors’ behavior in order to make adjustments, as well as interpret how the source of the visitor impacts their actions on the website.  Google analytics goes deeper and deeper the more you explore it. If you aren't sure where to get started, or you want to know what reports are the best use of your time, read through some of our previous blogs below.  You can always contact us to help with search engine optimization or data analytics on your site!

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