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Schedule Social Media Posts with These Handy Tools

Social media is an up-to-the minute job. Your audience is expecting quality informational posts and updates in real-time. Unless you’re consistently sitting at your computer with free time, this seems impossible for any business to master themselves. Luckily there are many tools available for you to schedule when your posts go up on social media. Here's a list of some tools to utilize for scheduling social media posts.

Social Media Post Schedulers

  • Hootsuite: Not only does this platform manage and schedule your posts for every social media network you utilize, but it also allows you to review an in-depth view of how successful your social media efforts are, enabling you to then make lucrative changes to your social media production. They also have tools to monitor what your audience is saying about your brand and more.
  • Buffer: Like Hootsuite, Buffer also allows you to schedule your social media posts for any social media network you use. A benefit of utilizing Buffer is their ability to post your content at the best possible times throughout the day so your content is getting more views, interactions, and is being seen by the most relevant audience. It also has a tool called Pablo, where you can search for images and add effects to them such as different fonts and colors. You can upload your own images to Pablo as well and customize them.
  • Facebook Scheduling: If tools like Hootsuite and Buffer aren't for you (while both are free, you can also choose paid plans to use them), you can schedule posts directly to your Facebook page using the platform itself. Scheduling posts from your Facebook company page is most useful when:
    • You need to tag people or other company pages in the post or in the post photo
    • You want to create a boosted post directly from the post editor
    • You want to backdate a post, meaning that post will appear in the past of your pages timeline
  • Twitter Scheduling: If you're a user of Twitter ads, you can use their Scheduled Tweets feature. To keep your Twitter activity consistent and present, scheduled Tweets allow you to schedule posts for future delivery, and will correlate with either a new or existing campaign. Tweets can be scheduled up to a year in advance.

Igniting Business knows how challenging it can be for small businesses to find time to schedule and create social media posts. Our social media management services are catered specifically to business owners like you. Learn more about our social media management services and Contact us for more information on scheduling social media posts.

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