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Three Benefits of Incorporating More Technology into Your Small Business

One of the keys to running a successful small business is to constantly find ways to integrate more technology that produces more efficiency and may give you a leg up on the competition. If you know you have a solid product or service offering and you want to make your small business grow and be successful, here are three reasons why you should look into technology:

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  1. Technology keeps track of information before you know you need it. One of the most understated benefits of using third-party service providers for any element of your business is that they often track every action. For instance, if you use FreshBooks or another invoicing portal, you're given a record of every invoice with the recipient, date, amount, and any follow-up invoices or communication. If you use a third party to sort your taxes, it keeps a record of not only your tax forms but all of the associated documents, along with dates of completion. Whether your small business is flagged for an audit or you need to track down the details of your client's activity, these programs help you stay organized.
  2. Frequently using the same sites, social media platforms, and technology that your customers use gives you better insight into their perspective. If you have a small business that's just starting to advertise on social media, get familiar with the platform before you start. See what sort of paid content gets your attention, and see what drives you away. While your clients will always have a different perspective and different demands, using technology the same way your clients do gives you more information and a better understanding of how to cater to them.
  3. Technology saves time. The largest barrier to entry for small businesses used to be just the sheer amount of effort to not only get noticed but to manage even small numbers of clients on your own. But investing in cloud-based storage can keep your documents and client information available everywhere you go and saves you on physical storage. In addition, cloud backup also gives you peace of mind knowing all your company data is safe, even during an emergency such as a tornado or flood in your area. Technology equalizes opportunity, no matter what industry you're in.

Small businesses have small margins and trying to find ways to improve your business without running a financial risk can be hard. Visit our website for recommendations on affordable technology solutions that can start to increase your revenue and lower your expenses. If you’re ready to start implementing new technologies, contact us today!

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