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Top 5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Trends to Consider This Year

Successful business owners know the power of staying abreast of search engine optimization (SEO) trends. Falling behind means losing rankings and potential customers.  These are five SEO trends to consider as we enter the latter half of 2017.

top 5 seo trends 

Machine Learning  

Machine learning enhances a user's experience by learning from users directly. Google introduced RankBrain last year. RankBrain monitors the way users search and teaches itself from this behavior. The result is a system that makes finding the information users need easier than ever.  

As Google gleans new information about the way users search and interact with the search results, the company will likely continue to change its algorithm based on the knowledge. Machine learning will continue to grow as an important factor in SEO trends.  

User Experience

It's no secret that user experience (UX) now serves as the major player in SEO. Google already favors sites with fast loading times and a high-quality content experience for the visitor. It is likely Google will continue to favor sites with greater UX more and more.  

The Age of Dense Content  

Fluff pieces and short updates filling the internet for SEO juice are no longer the norm. Long-form, comprehensive content sometimes known as “epic” or “skyscraper” content now takes center stage.  Users are vying for dense content that’s easy to search and skim as more and more long-form content hits the web. Dense content packs as much relevant information as possible into the smallest possible space in any easy-to-access manner.  

HTTPS – SSL Certificates

Google has made multiple announcements regarding rewarding websites with HTTPS encryption via SSL Certificates.

Why would Google reward the use of SSL Certificates? HTTPS offers increased security and privacy for all web interactions. It keeps both your and your consumer’s private information safe and secure.  The SEO advantages of switching to HTTPS include increased rankings, secure referral data, avoiding “not secure” labels in internet browsers, and overall increased user experience.  See our recent blog post on SSL certificates.


Simply put, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allow webmasters to create websites that load in an instant on any mobile device. Google already gives precedent to AMP articles in their carousel feature within Google. They showcase AMP by denoting them with a small lightning bolt symbol on search engine results.  AMP may be worth exploring further on your website depending on the type of customer upon which you focus and the type of content you produce.

How do these SEO factors impact my small business?

Since SEO and search engine algorithms continue to evolve, it’s important to continually evaluate the impact on your small business’ online presence.  Want to learn more about how SEO affects your small business? We offer specialized, affordable SEO solutions, including and SEO Audit to identify specific areas for improvement.  Contact us to learn more.

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