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Use LinkedIn's Smart Replies to Keep Your Network Open to Business Interactions

LinkedIn has existed on the periphery of what most users consider social media for years, but they're making a more and more concerted effort to gain legitimacy in that stage. While it's not as all-encompassing or as interactive as Twitter or Facebook, this platform is especially popular if you’re selling or marketing business to business (B2B). You can incorporate LinkedIn marketing into your small business campaigns with an increasing degree of success using LinkedIn’s resourceful toolset. You’ll find to continue increasing engagement, LinkedIn has further developed its range of features, with one of their newest being Smart Replies.

use linkedins smart replies to keep your network open to business interactions

What is LinkedIn's Smart Replies?

Smart Replies is a feature that you might have seen growing in functionality for the past several months. Whenever someone in your connection would get a new job, land a promotion, or celebrate a work anniversary, you'd receive a notification and an option to tell them some form of congratulations. LinkedIn has compiled the preference for various response options, as well as a bit of AI, so they can send you a response to any message or alert you receive over their system. While the responses are relatively basic, usually along the lines of the same 'Good job!' or 'Congratulations!' as before, the suggestions can also create general answers to LinkedIn conversations such as 'How are you?' and meeting requests.

What does Smart Replies have to do with your small business?

The interaction isn't deep, but it is fast. That, in-and-of-itself, drives most of the value. Maintaining a loose connection of business acquaintances requires regular, small-scale maintenance so that promotions, suddenly renewed interactions, and business offers aren't jolting or annoying. By automating simple responses, Smart Replies means you can respond to your connections quickly without taking time away from your day. In a way, the shallow response is perfect: most people are gratified by a positive acknowledgment or just want a quick public affirmation. Thus, Smart Replies enable you to maintain your LinkedIn network quickly and effectively.

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