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Use Visuals in Content Delivery to Expand Your Audience

Almost everyone has a preferred method of learning new information, even if they don't completely realize nor understand their own effective learning style. Some people are visual learners and create connections with photos, videos, and media. Others need to read and follow written text in anecdotal or guided steps to gather information. If your small business wants to reach a wider audience, then it will need to deliver valuable content in a variety of formats. Delivering content in all the ways your users prefer to learn, ultimately, means you will capture a larger audience.

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Using Video

Many people prefer to learn through visual methods, which is why sources like YouTube and TED have become wildly popular informational platforms. These types of users like videos where they can gain insight from a how-to video or simply see an image of an actual person providing relevant information. For them, it's easier to connect and match what they see with what they're learning. Using video also provides you an opportunity to engage auditory senses, which can help information sink in better. If you’re struggling with creating unique videos, check out our recent 5-part blog series about video marketing!

Using Graphics

These individuals often also prefer images that contain helpful information such as charts and graphs. Slideshows, presentations, and infographics provide the visual cues preferred by this audience and present valuable, strategized content in a unique, stimulating way.

It is certainly possible, and even desirable, to consistently offer content in a variety of formats. What might catch the interest of one person, might be overlooked by another if the delivery method did not match their preference. Switch it up! By offering different means to provide information, you can meet the needs of a wider audience and grow your business base. 

To learn more about how to use a variety of content delivery methods to garner a greater audience, contact us today.

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