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3 Common Myths About Graphic Design

Design in today's digital age is increasingly important since every medium of content needs to attract more eyes more quickly. Our attention zips from one appealing thing to another, and we only stick around if what we're consuming is aesthetically pleasing and relevant.

Graphic Design Myths

Before jumping into a design project, look over these common misconceptions about graphic design.

1. Anyone can be a graphic designer

False! Many people have a propensity for creativity and can study and work their way into a variety of creative fields. Many people also train very diligently to work specifically in graphic design. But it is not a field for everyone and you're not born with graphic design talent racing through your blood.
Another thing many people don’t realize is that it’s not only the graphic designers job to create attractive designs, but create visually appealing designs that are effective and add value. Every design must be done with a purpose and harmonize with that brand.

2. Fixing a design is always super easy and quick

Unfortunately, it’s usually the opposite. Fixing an existing design, whether created by the same designer or not, is a tricky task. It means there was either miscommunication along the way, or ideas changed and now the purpose of the design needs to evolve with the new objective. That's certainly understandable and we encourage this, but there's no easy back button. Fixing a design is just as impactful as creating the original design. That means just as much consultation, creativity, and ingenuity goes into the fix. That takes time.

3. Graphic designers can read our clients mind

We often hear, “well you’re the designer isn’t it your job to come up with the design on your own?” However, clients always know their business better than the designer. Instead, the designer can and should envision how to bring that business' message to life. Cultivate an open dialogue during every design project in order to create a successful final product.

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