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4 Common SEO Copywriting Myths Debunked

When executed well, SEO copywriting can help boost your search engine rankings and lead more traffic to your small business. However, with Google’s everchanging algorithms and the extensive amount of misinformation found online, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction regarding effective SEO copywriting. To help you create quality, high-ranking content for your small business, discover these SEO copywriting myths to stop believing today!

seo copywriting for small business website

Myth 1: Specific Keyword Density Matters

In the past, achieving a specific keyword density within your content was considered important. Nowadays, as algorithms continue to change and search engines are getting better at understanding context, there are other, more important ranking factors to consider. Moreover, keyword stuffing can lead to unnatural wording and can actually hurt your search engine rankings.

Note that we still recommend using tools like Semrush to thoroughly research your keywords and topics appropriately to better understand what your customers are searching online. However, keyword research should simply be the start to creating useful content for your audience.

Myth 2: There is a "Right" Word Count for a Web Page

It is true that longer posts tend to rank higher in search engines because they typically contain better content relevance, quality, and depth. However, there is no minimum word count required for pages to rank. Ranking at the top of search engines depends on far more than just the number of words used within your content.

Quality should always be prioritized over quantity. Focus on creating in-depth, informative content for your audience, and be sure to answer as many related questions as possible they might have regarding the topic at hand.

Myth 3: Write Content for Search Engines

Writing for search engines and not people is an outdated practice that no longer has any sway in modern SEO. Writing for search engines implies that content doesn't really matter for the reader. Businesses could cram keywords and other ranking phrases into their posts to appear on top of search engines.

Now, the goal is to create content that benefits and informs your target audience. Not only will your readers appreciate exceptional and relevant content, so too will Google and other search engines. Great content can also lead to higher social sharing and natural backlinks, further boosting your search engine rankings.

Myth 4: External Links Will Only Make People Leave Your Site

The age-old saying that adding external links will only cause readers to leave your site is completely false. If anything, linking out to other websites, especially authoritative sources with qualitative data or resources, will give more context to your content and increase viewers’ trust in your small business.

Of course, the goal should be that your content addresses as many of your visitors’ questions firsthand. However, if there is a third-party resource that would greatly benefit your reader or back up a key point with empirical evidence, add a link to it!

Contact Our SEO Copywriting Experts

At Igniting Business, our expert SEO copywriters can help you create quality content for your small business website and increase your search engine rankings. For more content writing tips, or to learn more about our SEO copywriting services, contact us today!

Looking for Tools to Help Your Content Writing Process?

If you are looking for some tools to beef up your content writing process, we recommend checking out the time-saving platforms below:

Semrush – Semrush is a great tool to conduct comprehensive keyword research. You can use Semrush to discover topic ideas, find the best keywords to target, spy on competitors’ content tactics, develop backlink ideas, and more. Get a free trial of Semrush today.

Grammarly – Grammarly can save you from embarrassing spelling and grammar typos. Additionally, the tool can assist with writing style improvements to take your writing clarity to the next level. Grammarly integrates directly with your favorite content writing software including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, various email platforms, and more. You can sign up for either a premium or free package of Grammarly depending on your needs.

At no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission if you click on some of the links on this website and make a purchase.

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