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3 New Exciting Visual Trends in Web Design

First impressions matter. Ensuring your web design meets the user expectations should, therefore, be a priority. With the majority of consumers turning to the web to find specific products and services, implementing the latest web trends to ensure your web design and business stands out from the rest is critical to growing your client base.

employee designing website with background video on desktop computer

Pictures tend to speak louder than words, which is why visuals play a significant role in keeping potential clients coming back to your site. Consider using these three visual trends to help attract customers and grow your business.

1. Use of Background Videos

Gone are the days of either using static images or solid colors. Background videos are becoming more and more common because of their ability to keep customers engaged. A user can read the content while watching the clips at the same time, creating a better user experience.

Web designs with background videos tend to retain their users for a more extended period than static models. The video should be short and loop play.

2. Digital Illustrations

Digital illustrations make your design unique because of their versatility. The niche has also advanced from the hand-drawn flat illustrations to the more appealing 3-D drawings, with the ability to give objects life.

The realism that is brought about by illustration tends to be more appealing to the eye, giving the users a sense of belonging on your site.

3. Animated GIFS

There's no better way to offer instant fulfillment than through the use of gifs. These graphics provide information in a concise and precise manner. By implementing gifs to your website, users will be able to get the most out of your site in a short amount of time, allowing for a more efficient consumer experience.

Keeping up with the latest trends is essential in ensuring your business doesn't fall behind the rest. For more information on how to keep your website engaging and up to date, contact our web specialists today!

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