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3 Social Media Must-Haves

One of the most common misconceptions about social media for business is that simply having a business page will bring more online followers and offline sales. Social media is a great tool to aid these two things; however, it takes a bit of work to do so. Social media is not a set it and forget it marketing medium. Below are four things your business needs to build a good social media presence.

#1. An attractive cover photo

Almost all social media sites have moved towards having very large cover photos. This provides a great opportunity to showcase an image that represents your business and service offerings. The cover photo is the user’s first impression of your page, so it is essential that this image is inviting and a good representation of your brand. In addition to the cover photo, you should also ensure that the profile picture (typically your company logo) matches the cover photo branding and flows nicely with the page.


#2. Accurate information in the company about section

Social media, especially Facebook, has become a place where consumers look to validate a company’s reputation. Each social media site provides a section to describe the company – use this space to sell your company to the consumer. This information should be honest and appealing to your target market while providing valuable information about products and services. You should also ensure the company website, phone number, address, and hours of operation (if applicable) are all correct and present on the page. This helps customer better understand and locate your business.


#3. Engagement with your community

Customers are constantly seeking ways to interact with a company or brand, and social media allows a direct line of access to a business. Use this platform to post quality content that is relevant to your customers. In addition, take time to respond to any comments or messages you receive on social media. This shows customers that you care and are listening.

Social media can be a great tool for businesses.  It helps customers validate a company and engage with a brand, in addition to giving a business a direct connection to its clients. The three simple steps above can help ensure that social media users have a pleasant experience with your brand online. 


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