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3 Tips to Producing Quality Marketing Videos

In order for your small business to stay ahead, it’s a good idea to start including videos in your marketing campaign if you haven’t already. Today, more and more people are turning to videos when they want to learn more about a product, service, or business, making YouTube an excellent marketing tool. In a recent blog post, we discussed how to utilize YouTube to benefit your small business. While adding videos to your marketing campaign is a start, making quality, attention-grabbing content is just as essential in order to gain viewers and potential customers. But what makes a good video? Check out a few tips below to learn how to produce quality videos for your small business marketing campaign.

small business owner creating marketing video for small business

1. Short and to the Point

When watching videos, most people want to learn and understand the information provided without spending too much time and will lose interest quickly if your videos are too long. Make your videos short, clear, and to the point to grab and keep viewers’ attention. If you have a lot of information you want to include, consider dividing it up into multiple videos.

2. Mobile Friendly

More than half of all videos are watched on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Ensure your videos are optimized and mobile friendly in order to reach the greatest number of viewers.

3. Provide Value to Your Viewers

When creating videos, it’s important to ensure that they provide value to your customers. Share interesting stories about your business, provide tutorials, or answer commonly asked questions. Think carefully about your audience and consider what might be most important or useful to them.

At Igniting Business, we know coming up with creative, high-quality content is not always the easiest task. To learn more about our content marketing services and how we can help your small business succeed, contact our marketing specialists today!

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