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4 Search Engine Optimization Tactics to Elevate Your Website

In our blog last week, we discussed 3 key elements to improve your search rankings.  Today, we dive even deeper into some search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that can elevate your small business website even more.  Once you’ve created your keywords list, apply the tactics below for maximum impact.

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  1. Meta Content. Your meta title and description tags will be some of the first content Google will read on your website.
    • The title tag is the name of a specific page on your website, most easily seen by hovering over the tab of the page you are on in your browser.  In best practice, it’s important to include descriptive keywords helping Google and searchers understand what the page is about at a 30,000 foot view.  This can also appear in the actual search engine results page (SERP).  
    • Your meta description content is an attention-grabbing, keyword-rich blurb, summarizing your what the user will find on a specific page of your website. Keep in mind, Google packs in quite a few results into a single search engine result page, so keep your description concise and engaging to the searcher. Target description length is 160 characters.
    • While having optimized titles and descriptions are important, it’s incredibly important that the titles and descriptions are carefully crafted to maximize your impact on SEO.  Incorporating the above elements in an effective manner likely requires the assistance of an SEO firm.  Learn more about how our SEO experts can help.
  2. Regular, optimized content. That's right, we said regular. Last we discussed the importance of new content, but regularity of that content cannot be overemphasized.  Without a constant stream of content cycling through your website, your Google ranking could go stale. Google's job is to provide the most relevant results for each search. Publishing consistent, keyword-optimized content demonstrates current insight and expertise to both Google and your audience.  A great area to incorporate new content is through regularly blogging.  You can blog on your own, or utilize a profession company to write blogs for you.  Learn more about our Blogging services.
  3. Trusted backlinks. Part of being a top-ranking, industry leader is recognizing the industry as a community. Google algorithms are undeniably complicated, but one angle they are sure to review is your relationship to other relevant sources. Earning organic links from relevant industry sites to quality, trusted pages on your website helps Google better identify your credibility and expertise.  Through an ongoing SEO retainer, an SEO firm can assist in obtaining those backlinks. Learn more about our Ongoing SEO Retainers.
  4. Social media integration. While the link between social signals and SEO is constantly changing, integrating your social accounts with your website supports audience connection and traffic. Also, supporting your social media content with consistent content to align with your website can garner more social engagement and, again, more traffic to your website. In an effort to present strong content, Google will look for highly-shared and socially-active websites to demonstrate reader interest and website popularity. Learn more about using social media for small business.

Optimizing your small business website is made simpler by organizing strategies into targeted chunks. With an Ongoing SEO Retainer, an SEO firm can come alongside your small business to actively prioritize and implement these initiatives for your small business.  Contact us to learn more about SEO services.

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