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Backlink Building Benefits for Small Business Customers

Before the onset of the internet, “word of mouth” was an essential marketing tool for small businesses. Earning a good reputation in one's community meant building relationships with both the public and related businesses that proved helpful to their own customers.

The concept of backlink building is similar to the traditional marketing tool of “word of mouth” and placing it online. For small businesses, harnessing the power of backlink building means creating useful relationships within a community, that offer real value to their customers.

backlink building infographic for small businesses

What is Backlink Building?

Backlink building is when another website links to your website. Below are a few examples of a backlink.

  • A local florist shop may want to generate some online buzz about the beautiful floral arrangements they provide for their clients. What better way to do so than to ask a local wedding planner to display a site link that connects brides to their website?
  • A flooring company that has a solid business relationship with an area home builder. Asking the builder to take their relationship one step further by providing a link on their home building site to the flooring company is certainly a strategic move.

The Importance of Backlink Building

Backlink building can serve many purposes. It is a prime initiative in an effort to increase your search engine rankings. Check out one of our previous blogs that discusses the impact of backlinks on your SEO.

However, backlinks can also benefit your potential customers. Linking two related businesses together both strengthens the bond between the businesses and provides convenience and value to customers. Clients looking to build a new home will appreciate having a handy link on their builder's website to consider all their flooring options. Brides researching who they would like to hire as their wedding planner will welcome an opportunity to have easy access for viewing floral arrangements available in their area.

Link Building Strategies

One of the obvious ways to create backlinks to your site is to consider all the relationships you have with other businesses in your area, then solidify those relationships by connecting online. Some of the other ways to increase SEO and generate local buzz include:

  • Connecting with local bloggers that write about your company's industry
  • Offering a scholarship to locals and promoting it through educational avenues
  • Sponsoring a local nonprofit or charitable organization

If you would like to know more about generating additional leads by developing online relationships, or for more information on any of our SEO services, contact our SEO specialists at Igniting Business today!

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