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FAQ: What is A/B Testing for Email Marketing?

There are always surprises in the field of sales and marketing, and one big surprise is the sophistication of email marketing for businesses. A small business may think they have a fantastic email campaign touting their latest product, service, or company announcement, but when they roll out their new email campaign, it simply falls flat. Those in charge of the campaign are left scratching their heads, wondering why their emails did not generate the enthusiasm and results they hoped for from their customers and loyal audience.

If you have ever been in this position, you might want to know about A/B testing, and how it specifically can be used to improve your company's email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing A/B Testing

In order to learn how to use email A/B testing to your advantage, it must first be defined. A/B testing allows you to test different versions of a single campaign to see how small changes can have a big impact on your results. For example, if you suspect your subject line is not as engaging as it could be, conduct a test by sending two emails containing different subject lines, with otherwise identical content. If email A has a significantly higher rate of CTA (call to action) from your customer base than email B, you know your future emails will be more successful when using an iteration of the subject line from email A.

A/B testing can be used for essentially any part of an email you’re wanting to test, ranging from a (hopefully) attention-getting headline to the overall layout or content of an email. A/B testing can even determine which images help to generate that all-important call to action or what’s the best time to send your message.

For more information on A/B testing, or for assistance with your email campaigns, please contact us! Let us help you connect better with your audience and drive real results.

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