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Infographics Part 1: A Helpful Tool for Your Small Business

Even if you aren't familiar with the term, it's highly likely that you've seen at least one type of infographic. Simply put, an infographic provides information using mostly pictures and/or icons instead of just text. This can be done through pie charts, bar graphs, lists, maps, timelines, flowcharts, and diagrams, all packaged together into a visually appealing graphic that communicates the main points in a visual form. Not only are infographics easily sharable, but for small businesses, infographics are a valuable marketing tool that can get your message to prospective customers in an easy, quick, and memorable way. In our two part series this week and next, we’ll highlight the benefits of infographics and how to effectively market through infographics.

infographic chart for small businesses

Benefits of Using Infographics for Your Small Business

1. Information is Processed Quickly

Humans process information much faster through visual representation rather than through text. In fact, we process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. We use our vision to judge and estimate quantities, distance, and proportions all day, every day, so it comes to us much more naturally than reading through text. With an infographic, a prospective customer can process information much quicker than they would reading an article.

2. Holds Customers’ Attention

Giving a visual option makes it more likely that a customer can digest your ideas quickly before getting distracted or bored. In today's technological society, you are competing with countless other media forms and types at the touch of a button. With this constant barrage of media, it's difficult to keep consumers’ attention. Use infographics to ensure you make your impact and make it fast!

3. Customers are More Willing to Read Something Visually Appealing

Unfortunately, blocks of text just aren't that easy on the eyes. Infographics should be visually appealing in terms of readability, font, color palette, etc. and should be logically formatted and designed for easier reading. Humans are 80% more willing to read something with colorful visuals than just text alone. Skip the large blocks of text in your marketing campaign and see how much more you get noticed with a chic looking infographic.

4. Your Message is Remembered

Readers are more likely to remember the information they see visually. The retention rate of visual information is 65% while only 10% for written text. Make sure your message sticks by providing it visually through an infographic.

As a small business, it’s important to stand out among the rest. An eye-catching infographic can help you do just that. Check out Part 2 of of our infographic blog series covering ways to effectively use infographics for your small business!

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Need Some Help Creating an Infographic?

Designing an infographic does not need to be difficult or expensive. Unless you have quality graphic design talent in-house, we recommend outsourcing your infographic creation. One of our favorite infographic creation companies is FATJOE. With their infographic design services, you can get beautiful infographics created affordably!

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