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Infographics Part 2: Ways to Effectively Use Them for Your Small Business

In last week’s blog, we discussed what infographics are and why they are important marketing tools for your small business. This week, we’ll outline a few ways to use infographics to effectively portray your information.

These polished visual depictions or graphic organizations of your ideas are the ticket to catching the eyes of consumers. Not only can they communicate important information in a visually appealing way, infographics can also communicate your business ideas and brand. An infographic is a surefire way to get your message in front of many potential customers.

use of infographic to showcase small business marketing campaign

When Should an Infographic Be Used?

1. To Communicate Large Numbers

The human brain has a difficult time understanding large numbers. This is because we are generally able to conceptualize numbers we have actually perceived. How many times have you seen a group of 6 people? Probably countless times in your life. How many times have you seen a group of 600,000 people? Probably very rarely, if ever. We understand numbers based on our experience and our powers of estimation. If you want to communicate large numbers, communicating graphically can aid in retention. Also consider converting these numbers into simpler concepts such as percentages or fractions.

For example, instead of saying “Out of the 5,378 visitors we had to our website, 4,298 went on to make a purchase.” try this: “80% of visitors to our website went on to make a purchase online.” In addition, a great way of demonstrating this is through icon charts, where a number of icons are shaded or colored differently to show proportions (like the umbrellas in this infographic or the triangles and dots in this one).

2. To Explain Processes, Steps, & Timelines

If you're trying to describe a process, like a factory-to-store pipeline or a project deployment timeline, using infographics to organize the information visually will be much easier to follow. It's almost like giving your reader a roadmap they can use to navigate and process the information.

3. To Compare & Contrast

When it comes to comparing and contrasting items or services, it helps to visually see the numbers or comparisons side-by-side. Infographics are a great way to do this, covering several variables in an easy-to-read format. This is great if you are wanting to compare your product or service to your competitors and help your customers feel confident in their decision to move forward with your business.

4. To Provide Lists or Information

Jazz up that boring list of products or menu items by providing a visually engaging infographic. If you have information you need to communicate, spice it up by separating info into topics or modules. Not only does it make it more visually interesting, but it breaks up the information into digestible parts, making your message memorable.

As a small business owner, it’s important your resources are going towards marketing tactics that actually work for your specific business. Our marketing experts at Igniting Business can help you create, strategize, and deploy a marketing campaign that is suited for your needs and tailored to reach your customers. To learn more about our services, or to get started with your marketing strategy, contact us today!

Looking for Infographic Design Companies?

Designing an infographic does not need to be difficult or expensive. If you try designing an infographic yourself, without any graphic design experience, it can be an absolutely overwhelming experience. Instead, we recommend outsourcing your infographic creation. One of our favorite infographic creation companies is FATJOE. With their infographic design services, you can get beautiful infographics created affordably and quickly!

At no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission if you click on some of the links on this website and make a purchase.

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