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Is Your Computer Running Slow? A Few Simple Tips May Help

slow-computerAs a computer technician, I often get asked the question "Why is my computer running so slow?" I chuckle to myself sometimes, because "slow" is usually a relative term. For example, "Can you take a look at my laptop? [Insert co-worker's name] is not having any issues with her computer, and we have the same computer." Regardless of what slow means to you, here are some simple tips that will help keep your computer running smoothly:

  1. Don't install programs that you don't need
    • Trim down the software on your computer. There is no need to have four anti-virus programs, and a couple of computer cleaners. These unnecessary programs can sometimes sneak in while you are installing other software that you do need. So be careful of what you download, and always be wary of downloading anything from the internet.
  2. Keep your files organized
    • You may not believe this, but keeping your digital information organized will help your computer run properly. You are probably not going to crash your computer by throwing everything on the desktop, but there are huge benefits to using folder structures and consistent naming schemes. Plus, you will not go crazy when you cannot find a file, or when you need to open twenty Word documents because you don't remember what the file is named.
  3. Schedule any scans or intensive processes to happen outside of work hours
    • As much as possible, you want to eliminate any background processes on your computer while you work. For instance, at Igniting Business we schedule all of our virus scans and computer backups to occur during the night when no one is working.
  4. Implement regular computer checkups
    • Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to help your computers run smoother and last longer. Igniting Business offers a service called Tech-Up-To-Date, which is an easy way to get that regular maintenance.

You may have heard the old phrase “prevention is better than cure.” We usually apply this to our physical health, but it also works for your computer. Take care of your computer, and it will do you well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Igniting Business!

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