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New LinkedIn Company Pages: 3 Tweaks You Need to Know

Social media is evolving rapidly, which means that there are frequent changes to mainstay platforms such as LinkedIn. As LinkedIn continues to grow and gain more users, there have been significant changes to the platform itself. Most recently, LinkedIn has rolled out a fresh and new look to personal, and more importantly company pages. Not only does the platform have a new look, but they’ve added advanced features to more effectively utilize the professional social network.

LinkedIn Company Page

Here are some of the key changes that businesses should know about.

1. New ways for content engagement

One of the key changes for both personal and company accounts is the updated methodology for users to engage with companies professionally. The 'overview' section has been enhanced by providing companies with new methods of describing their products/services, industry type, and gives users a better idea of what the company is like - especially prospective hires.

2. A better view of analytics

The company page changes also include a new way to easily and quickly glance at key post analytics, and see engagement over the course of the past seven days. The new update provides a more seamless way to see who has liked, commented and/or shared posts as well as presenting a percentage change from engagement the week prior.

LinkedIn Company Data
The information gleaned from analytics is valuable in driving strategy forward, and must not be ignored. The new view makes it relatively easy to understand what level of engagement is currently occurring, and will help inform social media marketing decisions thereafter. You can click “View more analytics” to see specific and more advanced information for each post, as well as overall page details like followers and even how your company page compares to your competitors.

3. Administrative changes

There are also administrative changes that are intended to positively impact company members on the back-end. Adding an admin is much more simplified than before, and there are also new cover images guidelines and other visual content that can be better integrated with the company page.

The LinkedIn company pages have undergone changes in terms of layout and overall look, but ultimately the company pages still retain the great functionality needed to really convey what makes a business unique. To learn more about social media trends and how they can positively impact your business, please contact us.

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