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3 Tips to Writing Quality Content

In a recent blog post, we discussed why quality content is important. For this post, we’ve come up with a few easy tips on how to create good, quality content and put your company in front of many potential clients. Content marketing is creating content for your blog, email marketing, social media, etc. that drives visitors to your website.

While the idea behind content marketing is a simple one – write valuable content with effective calls to action – the process itself is not so cut and dry. There are several best practices you will want to utilize to produce quality content.

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1: Write for Humans, Not Robots

If you have ever browsed the internet you have undoubtedly come across an article that reads poorly. This is likely because the writer was focusing on search engine bots, not their human readers. While using keywords and other good search engine optimization (SEO) practices is important, it is even more important to ensure your post reads well to actual people.

2: Information Should Be Useful and Relevant

The content you create should be useful to your customer base. One effective way of ensuring this is to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What questions might they have? What are their desires or needs? What are they interested in? The answers to these questions will help you identify what kind of content you should craft.

3: Keywords Must Be Relevant

The keywords used should be relevant to your niche, not just fillers to rank high in searches that do not even apply to you. For example, a plumbing company would not want to use the keywords "locksmith near me" or "buy stocks now" as they are not relevant to that business. Instead, they might want to use keywords like "plumbing services" or "toilet repair."

For more information on writing quality content or to get help with any other marketing needs, contact us today.

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