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Building Small Businesses with the Show Me Innovation Center

SMIC LogoAt Igniting Business, we love helping our clients grow, as well as giving back to the community. One of our newest clients, Show Me Innovation Center, has recently launched a fundraising campaign to start its mission. Read more information about the Show Me Innovation Center and its efforts from one of the campaign coordinators, Dr. Sean Siebert.

Who made the rule that entrepreneurship is only for metropolitan communities? Seriously, who made that rule? Well, one thing is for certain, as rural citizens of Callaway County we did not get that memo. With a determination to economically reinvent our rural County through entrepreneurship and economic gardening, a committed group of community leaders has launched the Show Me Innovation Center.

The Show Me Innovation Center's mission is to affect economic growth and job creation in mid-Missouri by making startup capital, business services, mentorship and training resources available to entrepreneurs engaged in either new or existing businesses. By establishing a central location for entrepreneurs to gather, the Show Me Innovation Center is helping to advance the entrepreneurial community that will make the region a magnet for those seeking a home to start a business, establish a satisfying career, and contribute to the ongoing economic vibrancy of the community. In short, the Show Me Innovation Center is the place where people gather to start and grow the businesses of their dreams.

This is the heart of our mission: to grow and sustain our rural Missouri community by supporting our new and growing businesses. Rural communities across this country are declining as young talented people must make the hard choice between living in their rural hometowns or taking a job in a bigger metropolitan area. The Show Me Innovation Center will play an instrumental role in providing the necessary resources that enables these individuals to create their own opportunity, for a desired quality of life, in central Missouri.

give10-get10In order to bring the Show Me Innovation Center to light, we need help. We need starter funding, and just as important: we need to get the word out. We are asking everyone who believes in Callaway county and our greater rural community for two simple things: (1) Give just $10. (2) Get 10 people to do the same. It's so simple to join us in helping our community. Just go to our website and click on the "Invest" button.

Thus far the community support has been overwhelmingly positive. The Board Members of the Show Me Innovation Center have had several very good conversations and meetings giving more in-depth information about the Innovation Center, and people have responded very positively. Over 50 donors at this point, and almost $35,000 in cash in 9 days. Plus, the City's support and several others that are in the works; we've got a real start with positive results. The reinvention of Rural America begins now.

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