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5 Best Practices for Optimizing Local Landing Pages

For small businesses with physical locations, or for businesses whose service areas spread through multiple cities or towns, creating local landing pages is a great way to boost your local search engine optimization (SEO). Customers and search engines can learn more about your business and its offerings by visiting a local landing page highlighting your locations, service regions, and location-specific product and service details. Check out these best practices and tips for optimizing your local landing pages.

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1. Avoid Duplicate Content

If your business has multiple locations or service areas and you are creating multiple local landing pages, be sure to create original content for each page. Creating local landing pages with duplicate content can be considered doorway pages, which are against Google’s guidelines. Google does not want to see a “cookie-cutter” approach or content re-used at mass for location-specific pages.

2. Write Location-Specific Information About Your Business

The content of your landing page is one of most significant factor in achieving local SEO success. Don’t forget to use location-specific keywords in the text including your city and state. It is also a good idea to include information on the history of your business in that specific location and highlight your community involvement. Look for ways to add location-specific content including information about your business’ community involvement, highlighting past projects in the area, and showcasing key team members of your business who serve that specific area.

3. Take Original Photos of the Business Location

Using original photographs of the business location and the surrounding area instead of stock images is a great way to demonstrate that you are legitimately part of the community. Keep in mind that images don’t just have to be limited to just photos within your specific facility. You can (and should!) also use images of actual customers enjoying your products or pictures of past projects. Additionally, if you mention specific geographic landmarks or community organizations that are important to your business, capture and incorporate original photos!

Pro Tip: Be sure to remember to optimize those images for search engines by including relevant local keywords in the file names and alt tags.

4. Include Your Address, Contact Info, and Embed a Google Map

Don’t forget to include your city-specific address, contact information, hours of operation, and Google Map on the landing page if you have a physical location. Embedding a Google Map on your local landing page allows customers to locate your business and request driving directions quickly and effortlessly.

5. Include Geographically Relevant Customer Reviews

If you have reviews from customers in the target geographic area, be sure to include those reviews directly on the page. When possible, include the customer’s name, their review, the star rating (e.g. 4 out of 5 stars), and the geographic area (city and state) of where they purchased/used your product or service.

If you do not have reviews from your customers, start automating review collection using a review collection tool like BrightLocal.

Take Your Location Pages to the Next Level with Powerful SEO Tools

If you want to take your location and geographic landing pages to the next level, consider using a page SEO audit, keyword research, and content marketing tool like Semrush. Additionally, you can then track your search engine rankings in your target geographic area using an accurate rank tracking tool like BrightLocal.

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