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Fast Google Business Profile (GBP) Website Creator Alternatives

For many years, Google Business Profiles included a convenient feature to automatically create a free Google Website. This free Google site used the data already populated into your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to build out a very basic website. Due to this service being free and fully integrated with your Google Business Profile, many solopreneurs and small businesses used this feature to build their website.

However, if you’re using this feature, you are in danger of losing online visibility starting March 2024!

Why Is an Alternative Google Site Maker Needed?

In early 2024, Google announced that websites made with Google Business Profiles would be turned off in March 2024. All GBP websites were disabled on March 5th, 2024. Additionally, as of March 5th, the website URL used for your former Google Business Profile Website forwards visitors to your Google Business Profile. On June 10th, 2024, the website URL will cease forwarding visitors altogether, and, instead, visitors will see a “page not found” error.

Unfortunately, if you fail to create an alternative website quickly, your rankings in search engines, website traffic, and ultimately leads for your business may drop significantly.

google business profile websites being deleted

Given that this issue impacts millions of small businesses across the globe, it’s essential that you find a Google Website alternative as soon as possible. We’ve outlined a few options within this article.

Google Site Builder Alternatives

Given you are likely on a time crunch to replace your Google Business Profile website, we’ve rated each of the following Google Site options on both cost and speed to setup.

Use Whitespark’s Easy Google Website Replacement Service – Easiest and Fastest Solution

Thankfully, Whitespark, which is a local SEO tool provider and SEO Services provider, built a drop-in replacement for the Google Business website. Their system has all the same features the Google Business Profile website had and more! Additionally, their system still pulls all your data directly from your Google Business Profile.

There is a cost associated with this service – $1/month. Yes, you read that correctly. Their Local Platform, which includes a website plus their other Google Business Profile management tools, will cost you a grand total of $12/year.

Due to the speed of how fast this website can be launched and the affordability, Whitespark’s solution is our number one pick for small businesses on a time crunch to replace their deleted Google Business Profile website.

whitespark website gif

Setup a Wix Website - Time Intensive and Affordable Solution

Another option is to build your own website on the popular website builder platform, Wix. Wix’s standard packages vary from $17 to $159 per month. They also have a free starter website that has very limited functionality and requires you to do a lot of initial configuration on your own.

Wix is a solid option if you are fairly tech savvy and have some time to invest in learning how to use their platform and build your own website.

Hire a Professional Website Designer – Most Impressive and Expensive Solution

Out of the three proposed solutions, hiring a professional web design firm will yield the most impressive and comprehensive website. However, this solution is by far the most expensive of the three we presented (which is saying something since we are a web design company!). If you want a powerful website, this is the way to go. However, if you’re on a time crunch and/or have limited budget, you should consider the other two options.

Is There a Solid Free Google Website Alterative?

Unfortunately, even “free” websites have a catch. For example, if you build a site using the Wordpress CMS, you may be able to build the website for “free,” but then you must build the site (which takes time), host the website, and keep it secure from hackers. All of which has monetary and temporal costs.

Some website builders, like Wix, may have free packages available, but they require significant time to setup/configure and have limited options. It’s certainly worth considering but be sure you can commit the time necessary to complete the setup and build your website.

In other words, any “free” Google websites alternatives aren’t really free. If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest and most similar option, Whitespark’s Google Business Profile website replacement option is likely the best and most affordable bet.

Next Steps Replacing Your Google Website

Whether you’re looking to replace your website with the fastest and cheapest Google My Business website alternative, or you want to start building your own website with an easy-to-use website builder, you need to get started immediately to maintain your online visibility.

If you have questions regarding which of the above directions to go, reach out to us. We can point you in the right direction based upon your unique timeline and budget.

Additionally, if you want more free web design and digital marketing tips, feel free to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.

At no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission if you click on some of the links on this website and make a purchase.

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