Ben Seidel is the CEO and Founder of Igniting Business. Ben has been serving hundreds of small businesses with web design and SEO services for over 15 years and covering digital marketing related topics since 2012.

Over the years, Ben has been recognized on a local and national level, including entrepreneurship awards from both the NFIB and NASE and being featured in publications such as CNBC Universal, Yahoo News, Intuit Small Business,, Mizzou Magazine, and Fox Business.

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What is the Proximity Bias (Factor) in Google Search and How Does It Impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Over the past few years, multiple studies have been released with data that shows anywhere from one-third to 46% of all Google searches have local intent, meaning the searcher is searching for something nearby or in a specific area. When Google...

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5 Common Security Threats to Your E-Commerce Website

Did you know that e-commerce websites experience up to 32.4% of all successful cyber security threats each year? Hackers frequently utilize various nefarious methods to target online stores' administrators, customers, and staff. Keep reading as we outline some of the industry’s...

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10 Types of Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to Use on Your Website to Increase Your Revenue

In a recent blog post, we outlined a few best practices for writing irresistible calls-to-action (CTAs). In this post, we cover several different types of CTAs that can be included in your content to serve different website visitors and their unique...

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6 Alt Text (Alt Tag) Writing Tips to Benefit Readers and SEO

Alt text, short for alternative text and synonymous with alt tag, is a concise textual description of an online image that describes the appearance and provides context as to how the image relates to the rest of the content on the...

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6 Best Practices for Writing an Irresistible Call-to-Action (CTA)

When marketing your business, it is essential to have clear, well-written calls-to-action (CTAs) included in your marketing content. A CTA helps guide potential customers visiting your website or social media to take the next step, transforming leads into valuable conversions. Check...

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6 Advantages of Custom Web Design Over Template-Based Website Design

When designing a website for your small business, there are numerous options and factors to consider. One aspect is that of deciding between custom web design or buying a pre-packaged website template. Many people mistakenly think that website templates with complete...

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Watch Out for These 5 Surprising Email Marketing Strategy Mistakes (With Examples)

Despite the common myth that email marketing is dead, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing solutions today. Done right, email marketing can generate impressive leads as well as drive additional revenue from your existing customer base. However, certain...

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All You Need to Know About LinkedIn Message Ads

When it comes to online advertising, it is essential to not only create messages that attract your target audience, but also to ensure that your messages reach your prospects. While LinkedIn advertising has many advantages, one of the most unique benefits...

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5 SEO Link Building Myths Debunked

Building links pointing to your small business website is beneficial to your search engine optimization (SEO) and the visibility of your small business. However, with the vast amount of misinformation circulating online, it can be difficult to determine what is fact...

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5 Essential Features People Expect to See on Your Website

Today, your website often serves as consumers’ first impression of your business. Therefore, when creating or updating your small business website, it is essential to anticipate what your visitors and potential customers will want to see. If your website is lacking...

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Ways That Small Businesses Can Adopt E-Commerce

While product-based companies have been taking advantage of e-commerce tools for years, if you own a service-based company, you may not be aware of how e-commerce can benefit your business as well. In fact, taking advantage of e-commerce tools can give...

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6 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With 54% of consumers preferring video content over other forms of content, video marketing can be an excellent marketing tool for keeping your audience engaged, generating leads, and increasing conversions. However, achieving video marketing success is not always as straightforward as...

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How Spelling, Grammar, and Overall Writing Quality Can Impact SEO and Credibility

Proper spelling, grammar, and writing technique are the table stakes of high-quality content. When writing content for your small business website, it is crucial to satisfy the search intent of readers. However, it is equally important to demonstrate professionalism and quality...

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Laptop Dual Monitors Part 2: How to Set Up and Use Multiple Monitors

In part 1 of our laptop dual monitor series, we shared the advantages of using a second monitor for your laptop. In addition to making it easier to reference information, dual monitors can also help reduce downtime and improve focus. This...

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Laptop Dual Monitors Part 1: 5 Advantages of Having a Second Monitor for Your Laptop

Extending your laptop screen with a dual monitor can make your work and travel life easier. Instead of inefficiently working off one small monitor, you can invest in a secondary monitor – either traditional desktop monitor or a portable monitor. If...

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What is the Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting Servers?

Reliable and powerful web hosting is essential for your small business website as it keeps your website active and operational, provides support, and sustains it during heavy traffic. Businesses can typically choose between a myriad of options when it comes to...

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How Google Business Profile Reviews are Collected and Filtered for Spam

Have any of your customers submitted reviews on Google but you can't see them? There's a possibility that Google filtered out those reviews from your profile, believing those reviews were spam. The giant search engine has in the recent past been...

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4 Common SEO Copywriting Myths Debunked

When executed well, SEO copywriting can help boost your search engine rankings and lead more traffic to your small business. However, with Google’s everchanging algorithms and the extensive amount of misinformation found online, it can be difficult to separate fact from...

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4 Small Business Website Security Myths Debunked

Proper website security is crucial for your small business. However, due to the vast amount of misinformation found online, many small business owners are dissuaded from investing in quality website security solutions. To keep your small business website fully protected, check...

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The Importance of Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Small Businesses

A web application firewall (WAF) protects websites and other web applications by monitoring and filtering traffic between the website and visitors accessing the site. Considering that website and web application vulnerabilities are a major cause of security breaches, it is essential...

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6 SEO Content Creation Tips for YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) Topics

Creating content for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) webpages can be daunting for many small business owners, as YMYL pages require a higher level of scrutiny and care since the advice or information provided could impact the quality of readers’...

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