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Voice Search Optimization Tips – How to SEO Optimize for Voice Searches

With voice assistants becoming increasingly popular, voice search is now one of the fastest-growing types of searches. In response, website search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are evolving to incorporate voice search optimization. For help creating an effective voice SEO strategy for your small business, keep reading to check out these voice search optimization tips.

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1. Use Conversational Keywords

When using voice search, consumers often use conversational language, which is more specific and typically includes longer search phrases instead of the short, keyword focused phrases typically keyed into a typed search. Therefore, when optimizing for voice search, it is important to focus on incorporating relevant long-tail keywords and conversational language within your content.

2. Create Web Pages that Answer FAQs

Creating a FAQ page that provide answers to the how, what, where, when, and why questions consumers typically ask when using voice search is an effective way to optimize your small business website for voice search. Be sure to include relevant long-tail keywords and use conversational language throughout your FAQ page!

Note that it is completely acceptable (and encouraged) to use relevant modifiers such as how to, when, what is, etc. within your FAQ page title, blog title, and headings. This helps search engines understand that the text following the heading will answer the user’s specific question.

3. Provide Context with Schema Markup

Schema involves the structured data markup that enables search engines to understand what your content is about. Using schema markup helps make your website and its content more easily discoverable through search engines and helps search engine better understand the context of your content. Additionally, proper schema markup can help your content be eligible for rich snippets within the search engine result pages (SERPs) which can increase your visibility and click through rates.

Having rich snippets for your specific content within SERPs makes it much easier for voice activated virtual assistant devices like Alexa and Google to find and read back your content to its users. You can use an SEO tool like Semrush to understand what keyword queries feature a rich snippet and evaluate the validity of your website’s schema.

4. Think Mobile and Emphasize Local

As most people use mobile devices to perform voice searches, having a mobile-first approach and responsive website is crucial for your website's SEO and voice search optimization. Often, when a voice assistant reads an answer back to a user, it also offers to send a link to their smartphone to learn more or visit the website.

Additionally, ensure you focus on performing local search optimization to rank for keywords relevant to your business within a given location. Local SEO is critical for your website to appear for local search results and be eligible as a result for "near me" voice search queries.

5. Discover What Voice Search Phrases Your Target Market Is Using

It may be hard to guess what phrases potential searchers are using when looking for information online via voice search. Some brainstorming and common sense certainly can be a good first step. However, if you want to see actual lists of phrases used regarding your target keywords along with search volume, competition details, and more, you should consider using a keyword research tool like Semrush. Semrush can show you what keywords and phrases are used most frequently and provide you with ideas of how to improve your website’s SEO.

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