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SEO Ranking Factors: Mobile Ready and SSL Certificates

We continually try to keep our clients and readers updated on SEO ranking factors. Let’s be honest, a website is only helpful if your potential customers are actually reaching it. Below are some recent SEO topics we’ve discussed on our blog....

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Does Your E-Commerce Site Suffer from Duplicate Content?

Recently, a website visitor reached out to us with a very common issue. They are a small business with an e-commerce website, and their product pages included mostly duplicate content. This is not uncommon, as many manufacturers and suppliers will provide...

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7 Common Small Business’ SEO Fears Debunked

Business owners are experts in doing what they do best, which is running their own industry-specific organization. Most recognize the evolution of the internet and online marketing has expanded their customer base and streamlined many business processes. Still, it can be...

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5 Practical Tips on How to Rank Well on Google

Google continues to adapt its algorithm that determines how well your site pulls up in search results. As customers increasingly rely on mobile devices, it's more important than ever to find new ways to get a top Google ranking for your...

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FAQ: How does Google My Business Display My Business Listing?

As we all know, Google has become so much more than just a search engine. As the world wide web has evolved, so has Google and its ability to address the needs of so many users. One area that continues to...

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SEO FAQ: What Are Considered "Bad" Backlinks?

As we discussed in a previous blog this year, backlinks are links on external sites that link back to your site. Backlinks can bring a larger number of users to your website through search engines because those links validate the quality...

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SEO FAQ: What is Microdata (AKA Schema or Structured Data)?

Sometimes, it is the small things that change the way search engines see and understand our websites. Microdata, which is a WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) HTML specification, is starting to be used more by search engines to help...

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SEO FAQ: What Are Backlinks?

Many of our small business clients say they hear that “backlinks” are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). It’s true that having the right backlinks helps your website get seen by people who are already interested...

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SSL - Why is it a SEO Ranking Factor you MUST Consider? (Updated)

This post has been last updated as of October 26, 2016 to reflect new, critical information. As small business owners speak with the designers or hosts of their website, they may hear the buzzword "SSL" and wonder what it is all...

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Why are Online Customer Reviews Important for Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, you have put a significant amount of time and work into crafting the perfect website and promoting your company utilizing many different marketing methods. Yet, many small businesses forget the importance of encouraging customer reviews (also...

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5 Must-Ask Questions for Setting Your SEO Goals

  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an essential investment when seeking a return on your website. Simply having a website is not a guarantee to being successful attracting clients. If you're not attracting new leads or sales with your site,...

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6 Commonly Asked Questions About SEO Companies

  What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it work? Before we jump into various questions about evaluating SEO companies, we should first define Search Engine Optimization. Our team made a white board video explaining the three primary components of...

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Google Changes the Recipe - Is My Site Responsive?

Google announced earlier this year that their search engine algorithm will start rewarding websites that are "mobile-friendly." As the terms entails, this means that sites with responsive designs will gain an advantage in site rankings. This is Google's way of pushing...

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Web Design FAQ - What is a META Tag?

In short, an HTML Meta Tag is a form of data tag that is placed between the open and closing head tags in an HTML web page. This information, though not visible on your web page itself, communicates to browsers and...

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Are META Tags Still Used for Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. It was only a matter of a few years ago that investing time on having the best META tags and optimizing your META keywords would have a great impact with regards to on page...

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