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Check out our comprehensive blog where we cover the important Web Design, SEO, and Marketing topics which impact small businesses like yours.  

Benjamin Liu earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri. Hoping to mesh the Advertising and Web worlds, Benjamin is interested in marketing’s creative direction, blending clever visual design with non-traditional advertising via web and motion graphic design. He is motivated to combine advertising with technology and information to improve implementations of captivating marketing strategies and tactics.

Customize Engaging Video Advertisements for YouTube

youtube website on screen

Different platforms need different marketing videos. Just like you would customize material for different audiences, demographics, and broadcasting channels, every video advertisement needs to be built according to guidelines of where you're posting it online. Facebook videos, for example, should be short, graphically exciting, and translate well without sound. On the other hand, YouTube videos on your channel need to be informative, instantly recognizable, and easy to follow. However, YouTube advertisements are something else entirely. Here's how to get the most mileage out of YouTube advertisements specifically.

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Increase Your Social Media Following with the Right Content and Interactions

close-up of woman's hand holding iphone

Your social media followers don't immediately convert into customers. The process takes time. Converting followers into customers takes a bit of posting and management strategy. Your audience consists of a wide range of users, and the same directly promotional content for long-time followers won't appeal to new viewers. Mix good, fresh content into your feed, rather than strictly promote your small business. Here are three ways to do that while staying on brand:

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2 Ways to Tie Your Brand and Social Media Profiles Together

5 people standing against white wall and each using their own smartphone

The more places online and on social media your audience can find you, the stronger your brand will stand and grow. But don't isolate and nurture your channels independently. Instead, the best way to grow your audience and convert more visitors is to make each platform a tightly-knit part of the whole. Here are two ways to do just that:

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Shopping on Social Media: Instagram's Newest Feature

woman on phone sitting at table with shopping bags and empty glass of wine

Recently, Instagram released its shopping feature to a general audience, including users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and more. The feature gives approved businesses the ability to tag products in a post. Users can then view product details and make purchases through Shopping on Instagram without ever leaving the mobile app.

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3 Social Media Mistakes That Will Shrink Your Small Business's Following

woman's viewpoint sitting in front of laptop and folders, holding cup of coffee and smartphone using facebook

If your small business is on social media, you're likely there to grow your customer base, audience, and following. Unfortunately, we can make very basic mistakes that will get fewer people to follow us, and may even drive away some users who had already chosen to follow you. Avoid these three practices on your social media platforms.

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Video Marketing Trends to Grow Your Small Business

woman wearing mobile virtual reality headset

YouTube's global reach is far and wide, with users spending a billion hours consuming video content. Average people can gain celebrity fame and there are videos suited for everyone's needs, so this platform will surely continue growth throughout the year. Video marketing has become popular among businesses, with companies publishing on average 18 videos a month and even more video content and media reserved in their library. Now that videos are a marketing staple, like other social platforms, your small business can grow its audience by capitalizing on trends. Keep an eye on and adopt these in the rest of 2018 and onward:

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Using Social Media in Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

over the shoulder of woman with smartphone in hand at desk with coffee, notebooks, and laptop

Social media continues to play a major role in the way we conduct our personal and business lives. Your peers and favorite organizations use social media to promote ideas and share with the global community. Additionally, successful brands use social media to shape their business's growth and connect with their customers. Your small business should follow suit to reach users and achieve results with your social media pages.

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Use Visuals in Content Delivery to Expand Your Audience

looking over shoulder of two men using laptops sitting in front of each other at conference table

Almost everyone has a preferred method of learning new information, even if they don't completely realize nor understand their own effective learning style. Some people are visual learners and create connections with photos, videos, and media. Others need to read and follow written text in anecdotal or guided steps to gather information. If your small business wants to reach a wider audience, then it will need to deliver valuable content in a variety of formats. Delivering content in all the ways your users prefer to learn, ultimately, means you will capture a larger audience.

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How Will Facebook's Viewable-Only Impressions Affect Your Small Business

woman outdoors holding smartphone and scrolling through pages

Facebook is changing their metrics to count viewable-only impressions of posts and ads instead of basing their impression count on when a post or ad is served. They announced the change back in 2016, but the updates to their metrics tools took longer to complete than initially estimated. Facebook should be rolling out the change over the next several months.

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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses: 4 Lessons Learned from Big Flops in History

computer rendering of success and failure crossroads sign

We often look at businesses that have prospered over the years and learn important lessons from their experience and success. After all, recreating success is often our goal, especially if that success launched a company into the stratosphere in earnings and reputation. Sometimes, though, it pays to look at history's failures to learn what not to do. Understanding what worked is often complicated and requires a nuanced understanding of the moment in time that made a given product or strategy work. When something fails, however, there's often a much clearer lesson left in the financial fossil record. Learn from these four historical marketing missteps:

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